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About Tackle Box Brewing

Our Story

With an innate passion for the delicate art of brewing and an unwavering love for the great outdoors, Adam found himself at the crossroads of these two compelling interests. Struck by a vision of a place where his dual passions could coalesce, the concept of Tackle Box Brewing Company was born. Katie and Adam talked and planned for this dream to become a reality since they had met in 1998.


Adam and Katie embarked on their journey with an enthusiastic spirit and an enduring determination. Over the next few years, Adam and Katie diligently saved and planned, dreaming of a space where he could share his creations with the world. Their perseverance bore fruit in 2020, when he was finally able to find the right space and turn this vision into reality. Opening in the middle of a pandemic had it's struggles but they were able to think outside the box and thrive in unprecedented times.

Thus, the inviting Tackle Box taproom came to be—a testament to Adam and Katie's dedication. Tackle Box Brewing Company now stands as a beacon for beer lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, reflecting the unique blend of two great passions. This is a place where every pint is a story, and every visit an adventure. We invite you to be a part of our ongoing journey.

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